Make-up at Rodarte Spring 2011

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as the next season of doctor who approaches its time for me to wrestle with the question

does my faith in peter capaldi outweigh my distrust of steven moffat

Mary Elizabeth Winstead photographed by Matt Morris

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i loooooove personality quizzes and astrology and alignments and personality types because i’m completely obsessed with myself

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"chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangeror. chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys - a search for truths fugitive and imponderable." | the x files

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Kate Moss by Lance Staedler for Glamour France, 1992

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But “101 Places to See” and you haven’t been to any of them, have you?                   That’s why you keep the book. I keep the book because I’m still going.

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"I think it’s very important to recognize talent in all facets of filmmaking. Making a movie is such a lengthy and intense experience, so it’s wonderful to honour actors, directors, producers and all crew members who put so much hard work and passion into a project.

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These violent delights have violent ends

William Shakespeare

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